Helping The Homeless

by Michael Johnson
Created Dec 11, 2020 | London
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This campaign is raising funds to assist five individuals in profound misery that have been sleeping rough in the streets of London.

Homelessness can happen to any one for whatever reason, but we can be our brothers keeper when they are not so strong we can give them a shoulder to lean on.

These five individuals may not be the only ones sleeping rough in the streets of London but this campaign is at the mercy of reporting their situtaion and with coronavirus placing the situation from the frying pan into the fire, homelessness is becoming more severe and wide spread. It is happening across London communities and Nigerian community is no different.

We can choose to rescue these five individuals from sleeping rough in the streets or let them cross the styx, it is up to our conscience what we think is the right thing to do. In their current condition they have nada, no cash but with your support, we can help them find accomodation with the intial deposit and 3 months rent and a job to support this recovery process.

Money raised can also extend this goodwill by flying the homeless victims back to Nigeria as they wish, where they can retreat, recuperate and reconnect with self and have the occasion of being with their loved ones who have been worried sick.

Any sum you can give will stop them languishing endlessly in the streets of London. May peace and love be with you all and big thank you. Stay safe.

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